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Ecotech is Southern California’s Service Leader providing industry specific repair, maintenance, sales and installation for all commercial Refrigeration, HVAC and Ice Making Equipment with a primary focus on the Restaurant and Food Service Industries.


Proudly serving our clients for over 10 years; our focus on Sustainability, Energy and Resource Management, puts our organization and our client partners in a unique position to address conventional equipment challenges with sustainable solutions.

About us

Your HVAC Experts


Our Core Values


Noun - to protect someone or something and provide the things that someone or something needs. 

At Ecotech, we strive to foster lifelong relationships with our internal (employees) and external (clients) customers. 


Noun - to believe that someone is good and honest, and will not harm you, and will admit if they are wrong. 

At Ecotech, we OWN each and every circumstance; even if the outcome is less than desirable. We then ensure we do the right thing, at the right time, for the right person, for the right reason. 


Verb - to be emboldened to introduce changes and new ideas. 

At Ecotech, we strive to bring real value to our customers in new ways. We allow our staff to "think outside of the box" to ensure our customers' needs and desired outcomes. 

Our Team

Meet the dedicated professionals behind Ecotech 

Josh Vego

Josh oversees daily operations, coordinating our Dispatch Team and Field Service to ensure top-notch support for clients and field personnel.

Director - Support Center

Juan Lomeli

Juan, with over 10 years at Ecotech, leverages his HVAC and refrigeration expertise to provide our technicians with technical support and training, both on-site and remotely.

Director of Service

Jason Martinez

Jason leads our Preventive Maintenance Department, focusing on the development and advancement of our PM technicians into Service Technicians and Leads.

Director of Maintenance

Aaron Newton

Aaron manages Ecotech's key projects and installations, ensuring efficiency by working closely with clients and vendors, and also excels as a skilled Service Technician.

Director of Construction

Lloyd Leyh

Facility Manager

California Pizza Kitchen

Ecotech has been our "go to" refrigeration and HVAC service provider for years. Always available, always prompt and always capable. They are an integral part to our operational success. 

Gene Davis

Sr Director of Facilities 

Mendocino Farms

I have been a customer of Ecotech for over 10 years with two restaurant companies. They are by far our best partner, providing comprehensive, prompt, and efficient service. More important, they are a problem solver, always looking at different ways to attack special problems or concerns and address those issues until complete.

Satisfied Customers

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